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Mar 19 19 - semi.f-lock
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It's that time again! Yes, I have managed to scan the calendar sets from Big Bang's 2010 Official Calendars. I have to say, they are gorgeous! Even with GD's blonde curls. :D For part 1, I have scanned the original calendar and the scheduler. Part 2 will be coming soon~! Again, please take out and use with proper credits. (hyuntwins@livejournal.com). These are huge files scanned at 400dpi. Links are on the Mediafire server. Please do not hotlink! Comments are love~! And- enjoy!


For our final year in high school, we decided to come together and perform for our school's annnual lipsync show. With a whole new image, we brought in the modern of hits of KPOP into our Canadian school. We did four songs: Nobody > BIG BANG > Tell Me > 거짓말(Lies). We originally tried to mock their special stage together. But through our process, we decided to modify some things and changed up our style of performance, bringing you our version of Big Bang and Wonder Girls. We performed last and received great repsonses from the entire school. The TOP from our group even got a swirm of fan girls waiting for him after the show! Some of our friends brought in their cheering goods for Big Bang and we were proud to say we don't regret anything, despite the fact of all the arguements that we have had in the past because of different ideas. In the end, without everyone, we wouldn't have pulled through. Now, we can finally tell our friends, ten years from now, we did SOMETHING in high school !

During our performance, many in the crowd sang along. And after it, our school began playing many korean songs over the PA. And I have come to realize, we actually have many VIPs dominating our hallways. Which brings me to think the possiblity of Big Bang performaning in Canada will be (:. Hahah. There was a group that did SNSD's GEE as well. There is no doubt our Airband this year was filled with the love of KPOP.

Big Bang : Matt Chow (T.O.P), Joe Cheang (SEUNGRI), Jason Pham (G-DRAGON), Kelvin Chau (TAE YANG), Damon Yiu (DAE SUNG)
Wonder Girls: Vera Lam (YOO BIN), Jihye Do (SUN YE), Iris Wong (SOO HEE), Rebecca Wang (YE EUN), Kathy Yu (SUN MI)

pictures !Collapse )
I finally managed to scan the diary. They're not centered because I didn't fully press the book down. >< (A page ripped a little already. T__T) But they're still very beautiful and gorgeous. As for the wall calendar, it was a fail to scan it. So I just took close up pictures of it. Which is why the quailty isn't great. >< But still, I hope you guys enjoy these! These calendars are worth a buy. (: Again, if you're taking them out, please credit hyuntwins@livejournal.com Thanks a lot, enjoy! :D

★★ ( Find PT1 @ here. ) ★★

I just got my calendars a few days ago, and I have to say they are absolutely gorgeous! I'll try my best to scan the diary and wall calendar. I can't promise because I don't want to ruin my book. >< For now, I hope you enjoy these scans! Though... my scanner sucks. D: So they're not at the best quailty. BUT! It's better than nothing. x) If you are to take out, please credit hyuntwins @ livejournal.com Thank you! Warning! They are HUGE! And, comments are loved!
** Added Mediafire links!


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