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the smallest things, make up the biggest parts.

im jihyun。
I go by the name of JIHYUN and VERA. I like a lot of things. Especially cute things, sweet things and purple things. I'm not crazy. At least I don't think I am even though people tell me I am. I'm nice and I don't bite, maybe Choi TOP though. I'm 'passionable' about photography and graphics. If you like BB, TVXQ, FT-I, can we be friends please?! :D

eukyangkyang & ronijaye are the Kwon Jiyong & Dong Youngbae to my → Choi Seunghyun

{ LEESEUNGRI } is my twin; wewe both share HYUNS & dark circles !
심창민 is my honeybee
SHIMCHANGMIN blows my storm clouds away
SHIMCHANGMIN makes me wanna LALA ~
T.O.P」is my wings; without him, I would be unable to fly.
ATTENTION! »»» T.O.P belongs to me!
T.O.P wrote a song for me and named it ‘verlah
T.O.P is my V.I.P.

I’ll be your » T i n k e r b e l l « fairy, ღ; *T.O.P* ;ღ
; Like the sun in early spring, like the sky in late autumn, like the ocean in summer and like the first snow in winter

[ T.O.P ] && [ I ] /ROLL LIKE/ "THAT"

LEEJAEJIN is my cuppycake
The reason of my happiness LEEJAEJIN
CHOISHIWON + verlah » otp!